Our Shop

A Butchers Shop to be Proud of…

Grogan & Brown Artisan Butchers differs from some traditional butchers, and in particular, differs from supermarket butcher counters in that we control and select our suppliers prepare our own meat products through processes like dry aging our beef, dry curing bacon, hand making our own meat products like sausages & burgers.

Not only do we hand prepare our own products, indeed we dress our meat to match the individual customer’s needs. As passionate Artisan butchers we have the knowledge to guide the customer through the process of cut selection so that they can choose the best product for the given dish, guidance on how to cook it and finally make suggestion of perhaps lesser known cuts that are kinder to the purse but cooked right can taste all the better.

Indeed we feel that McKenna Guide best describes the G&B shop in their review describing the shop.

“As a superlative piece of design wonderfully tactile warm and engaging… it goes without saying that everything for sale from dark hued striploins to hand-made sausages from rose veal to the scores of well curated foods sourced from local artisan producers is simply first class. Top, top class.” ~ McKenna Guide

Here at G&B we epitomise the older more holistic values of meat production and care passionately about the food we produce and believe that only good food can only be the result of good animal husbandry, good butchery and good cooking!. We are selective in sourcing our meat and firmly believe that how meat is processed has a major impact on the final character of the meat.

Sourcing the majority of our meat from established Kilkenny farms, we support local & regional farmers who share our commitment to husbandry, welfare and outstanding quality. Ultimately, we know, trust and respect the farmers we buy from. There is pride in the Grogan & Brown ethos of going ‘above and beyond’ for our customers; whether it is something as simple as helping a customer with their bags to the car, or just taking the extra time to prepare a roasting joint with the care and attention that the livestock deserved. When you come to Grogan & Brown you know you’ve made the right choice.